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Find Your Career Path

Resources for Your Career Direction   . . .  feet choosing a path

Life after high school...what will this look like for you? What career direction are you considering? Thinking about it...can be scary...stressful...exciting… Whether or not you choose to go to college, you will need a career direction. You will need to ask yourself questions like, “What am I interested in?” and “What am I good at?” You will also want to research different options to find out what is best for you given your ability, finances, and interests. You cannot know what your options are if you don’t explore and find out what is available to you. These resources will get you started!

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Check out the books in our own SLzHS library’s College & Career section!

Teens’ Guide to College & Career Planning by Justin Muchnich, Peterson’s. 2015.

Getting Real: Helping Teens Find Their Future by Kenneth Gray. Corwin Press, 2009.

Careers: The Graphic Guide to Finding the Perfect Job For You. Penguin. 2015

It’s the Student not the College: The secrets of succeeding at any school--without going broke or crazy by Kristin White. The Experiment. 2015

All About the Green: The Teens’ Guide to Finding Work and Manking Money by Kara McGuire. Compass Point Books. 2015.

From Here to Freshman Year: Strategies for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Graders. Kaplan. 2008.

Graduate From College Debt-Free by Bart Astor. Humanix Books. 2016.

Government websites:

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Occupational Outlook Handbook. Click here

The Department of Labor. Click here

Fastest Growing Occupations graphic. Click here


Explore career pathways or classes at Eden Area ROP:

career pathways  or  classes  (for high school students and adults)

apprenticeships in trades

Our local San Lorenzo Public Library has a wealth or resources online and librarians to help you find information. If you want a free library card click here. With a library card you have access to free online courses and databases full of information depending on your interests.

Guides for Job Seekers

databases for articles

subject guide

Access this article with your Alameda County Library card:


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