About Me
I was born and raised in Hengelo, which is a small town in The Netherlands. I moved to the US from Turkey with my husband and two kids. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and my teaching credentials at CSU East Bay. When not teaching, I like to cook, hike, and bike. However, my favorite pastime is to sketch portraits of my family and nature. 
Courses I Teach
  • Math Modeling
Mathematical Modeling is a general survey of mathematical topics that are useful in our contemporary world. The primary purpose of this course is to show students how mathematics can be applied to their lives in interesting, enjoyable, and meaningful ways.
  • Math 1
In Math 1, students will extend the mathematics from previous years focusing on Function, Equations & Inequalities, Transformation & Symmetry, Congruence & Proof, and Statistics & Probability.  Students explore these topics through individual, small group and whole-class activities, developing problem-solving, group, and written and oral communication skills.
Hatun Yazar
Mathematics Teacher
Phone:(510) 317- 3027
Class Schedule:
Period 1 - Math Modeling
Period 2 - Prep
Period 3 - Math 1
Period 4 - Math 1
Period 5 - Math Modeling
Period 6 - Math Modeling