Distance Learning Classrooms & Learning Schedule

San Lorenzo High School Teacher Virtual Classrooms and Connections
It is best to make sure your child is signed up to access information as directed by their teacher.  Most students can access information on their teachers' Google Classrooms.  Students should also check for posted information for online Zoom or Google Hangout class meetings, or communication via Remind or e-mails.  Information will be updated as needed.  Please feel free to reach out to your child's teacher by viewing their email information on our staff directory. 
Teachers are using:
  • Google Classroom
  • Zoom
  • Remind
  • E-mail
If you are unsure what your teacher is using for connection and virtual learning, please e-mail the teacher. 
💻Zoom Virtual Classroom Norms💻


Be Respectful: 

·         Be respectful and considerate of other students and staff.

·         Mute yourself when your teacher or another student is talking.

Be Responsible:

·         Be on time to class; log on a few minutes before class begins.

·         Be attentive and participate in the class discussions and activities; avoid any other activities on your screen. 

·         Follow school rules during a video session in what you wear, your visible surroundings, and your chosen avatar.  

Be Prepared: 

·         Make sure your computer is charged and that you are logged into your school account before the start of a video session.

Distance Learning &
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