Anita Barnes

About Me:
      This is my first year at San Lorenzo High School, and I am enjoying getting to know the many nice people who work here as well as my students.  I have lived in the Bay Area for most of my adult life.  I earned my first Teaching Credential in 1994 which was a Single Subject English Credential.  I went on to earn an ELD Certification, CLAD and Multiple Subjects Authorizations, and I earned my Mild-Moderate Education Specialist Credential in 2010. I have worked at several districts around the bay and hope to settle here in San Lorenzo.
      I am a singer and guitarist, and I learned to play the guitar starting when I was ten years old, inspired by a guitarist who played at the intermission of a production of Oedipus Rex which my mother was in. I love Country Music, Blue Grass, Rock and Roll, old Southern BIues, Cajun Music, ACDC, Gospel, Gregorian Chants, Old English and Irish folk music, and the list goes on and on.  I like to hike, cycle and swim and spend time with my friends.  I love all animals especially cats and dogs and all of the wildlife that live in the Bay Area Wilderness.
       I hope to pass along some of my love for reading and learning new things to my students. I hope they feel comfortable approaching me if they need to speak to someone about their academics or anything else on their minds. Most of all, I am here with the rest of the staff to help each student graduate high school!