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About Me 

Hello. Even though I spent my childhood in California, I moved to Washington state when I was 13. I went to Black Hills High School and community college while I was there. However, I moved back to California in 2011 and pursued a social sciences degree at Cal State East Bay with a focus on teaching. I love teaching social studies because it truly teaches us how to live. When I am not teaching, I am doing civil war reenactments, listening to music, watching Netflix, gathering with friends, family and eating sour patch kids. 
World History 
Modern World History starts with Mughal Empire (India), Ottoman Empire (Middle East, Turkey) and the Tokugawa Empire (Japan). We end the course with Globalization (world stock market and economy). This is one of my favorite subjects to teach because this course uses culture, geography, human struggles and human triumphs to show the story of the human race. It is so relatable and important for students to learn where we came from, how we got there and where we are going. This subjects help them start to understand the present condition of our society. 
Economics has a special place in my heart since I first took the subject in college. Students first think it is just about money but I get to inform them on markets, supply, demand and what it means to be a consumer in America. The students start to understand what budgets are, how they work and how they can make their own budget. Economics prepares them for the business aspect of our society. 
American Government is the subject that combines world history and economics for the students. We talk about policy, how imperfect humans are, ideas, laws, rights and so much more that goes on in our government. We cover local, state and federal government. This subject allows our students to enjoy participating and becoming a citizen in our economy, government and society in general. 
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