Ms. Bellamy

I was born in Colorado Springs and raised in the Central San Joaquin Valley of California, an hour south of Fresno. Our home was on a small family farm, and I lived there with my parents, two brothers, and two sisters.  I got my Bachelor of Arts in English and teaching credentials at Fresno State University in 1993 and taught in Fresno for a couple of years. I moved myself and my two daughters to northern Idaho and taught there for 16 years. Eventually, my girls grew up and moved to the Bay Area. They asked me to come back to California to be closer to them, so I moved and started at San Lorenzo in 2013. I love San Lorenzo students and my teacher friends. I also love traveling, zip-lining, spending time with my grandbabies, bodybuilding, and hiking. 
1* English 11
2* English 11 
3* Prep
4* Credit Recovery 
5* English 11 
6* English 9 
2022-2023 Syllabi: