Welcome Back, Grizzlies: Campus Re-Opening Information

When does campus re-open for in person learning?
On-campus learning will begin for 9th graders on Tuesday, April 27th.  We are so happy to welcome our 9th grade students to Grizzly territory and they will get their own first day of school to get comfortable with the campus.  Welcome to our newest Grizzlies!  
On-campus learning for all students will open on Wednesday, April 28th.  Welcome back, Grizzlies!
Who attends Zoom classes?
All students will attend regular Zoom classes in the morning.  See the gray shaded area in the schedule below.
Students who have selected on-campus learning will attend one class period each day of the week.  Please see the rotation on the attached schedule.  
What do I need to know, bring, or do if I am coming for on-campus learning?
Students attending on-campus learning must:
  • wear a mask at all times
  • bring their own refillable water bottle (drinking water from fountains will not be permitted)
  • bring their fully charged Chromebook  (and charger)
  • follow physical distancing protocol (6 ft. spacing)
  • not linger or congregate in hallways, indoor spaces, or outdoor spaces
How will I know what classroom to go to?
Classroom numbers are listed on Aeries.  If you aren't sure where to find your teacher's classroom, please contact your teacher.
What is the schedule for the week of 4/26?
What if I have more questions? 
If you
 have more questions about on-campus learning, please refer to the "Return to Campus" slideshow and videos, along with this campus re-opening document sent to you from the SLzHS administration, or please e-mail an administrator for more information.  Their contact information can be found here. 
Again, we are glad to welcome back our Grizzly family!