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Coordination of Services for Students (COST) in Need Referral Form

Our SLZ Coordination of Services Team (COST) is a team that serves to provide academic, behavioral, mental, emotional, and overall wellness support and assistance to the students in our learning community.   Our services range from providing referrals to therapeutic services, arranging parent meetings, or finding food security for families.  This team is designed to work together to help teachers, students, and families with a variety of services.


The San Lorenzo High School team made up of administrators, teachers, counselors, our school site social worker, La Clinica staff, and Ashland REACH staff. 


If your family or student are experiencing difficulty during this Distance Learning time, you can fill out the form using the link below. Some examples may be concerns about concerns in the home like paying rent, food security, unemployment, internet access, counseling services, accessing distance learning materials or contacting teachers for support, etc. The team meets weekly, but reviews new referrals on a regular basis.


**If there is an immediate safety concern, please call 911. 


If you would like us to review your child's or family's situation and help to provide the proper resources, please fill out this COST form