Small Learning Communities

San Lorenzo High School is home to two small learning communities: Bay Area Digital Arts (BADA),  and the Law, Leadership & Culture Academy (LLC).  
Both learning communities offer students various experiences in college and career preparation through a common Advisory period, special 9th grade elective, career-themed electives, work and college exploration visits, and on-campus during/after school clubs and activities. 
Bay Area Digital Arts
The Bay Area Digital Arts (BADA) small learning community is all about digital arts. BADA provides a rigorous academic
program promoting a college-going culture while allowing students to learn outside of the regular classroom environment
through guest speakers, field trips, after-school activities, and access to local colleges and media outlets.
Students today are well aware of the power of digital communication - they use cell phones, social media, and computers
everyday. We seek to build on our students’ natural interest in the digital arts to help create the next generation of visually
literate, media savvy, academically successful individuals. Students receive hands-on experiences while learning skills that
both meet “a-g” college requirements and prepare them for careers in media. Students also receive support from their
teachers to help with their work, and have access to equipment.
Law, Leadership, & Culture
In a rapidly changing and growing modern world, the Law, Leadership, and Culture (LLC) small learning community is where
academic rigor in legal, lingual, and cultural aspects of the world serve to connect students to society and discover their
place in the world. As part of LLC, students will develop public speaking and communication skills, learn human conflict
resolution skills, connect with learning institutions and professionals outside the high school setting, and much more!
Students will also have the opportunity to be a part of the Sheriff's Explorers Program to gain hands on experience with the
legal field.  LLC offers Criminal Justice I and II courses, both of which include a variety of job experience activities and field trips. 
BADA Lead Teachers: 
Lance McVay, [email protected]
Amy Bellamy, [email protected]
Law, Leadership & Culture Academy
Sayuri Shimada, [email protected]