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About Counseling


The mission of the San Lorenzo High School Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive program which supports academic achievement; opportunities and support for personal/social/emotional growth, and to provide guidance and resources for college and career planning. As counselors, we are advocates for all students to reach their highest potential. We collaborate with other educators, parents, and members of our community to assist all students to become successful members of the 21st century society.



When discussing personal matters, beyond the scope of academics, the information between a student and a counselor is confidential. Exceptions to when counselors will share the information about a student with someone else are as follows:

  • If the student asks the counselor or if the student and the counselor agree to tell someone else
  • If the counselor believes the student is in some danger from others or that the student presents a danger to others or self
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Counseling Caseload


Contact Info 

Available M-F, 8:25 am- 3:40 pm

A- Gaq

Ms. Melinda O’Neil

[email protected] 

Call: 510-317-3130


Ms. Monica Starr

[email protected] 

Call: 510-317-3128


Ms. Alice Yu

[email protected]

Call: 510-317-3133

EAOP College Adviser
All Students

Mr. Kyle Balingit


College and Career Specialist

All Students

Ms. Khanh Tran

  [email protected]

Counseling Office Staff

Contact Information

Roles (not an exhaustive list)

Yvette Olivas
Office Manager
Serves All Students
Se habla español




  • New Student Appointment Set-Up
  • Parent Meeting Set-Up
  • SAT/ACT Fee Waiver Requests 
  • Answers General Counseling Questions

Marlene Garcia


Serves All Students




  • Transcript Verification
  • Transcript Requests
  • GPA Verification Requests