New Communication Tool Invitation Coming Soon!

On Monday September 17th you will receive an email or text invitation to join San Lorenzo High School's exclusive phone app called Sangha!!
Powered by Edlio, Sangha will enable you to stay in the know about your child’s classroom and the school while on the go. The school and teachers will be adding calendar events and sending newsletters, signup requests and messages through the Sangha mobile app at your fingertips. No more sending a paper copy of the consent form, trying to remember when you signed up to volunteer, or searching for the teacher’s email from last month!
Sangha also connects to our website! You’ll be able to signup directly from the website.
For new parents, your email invitation from Sangha will arrive in your inbox on Monday September 17th and include the title “Invite from San Lorenzo High School” or you might receive a text message with a link. You will be asked to register, create a password, and download the app (iOS or Android). For security reasons, your invitation is directly tied to your email address or phone number. Therefore, you cannot forward it to someone else. If you’d like someone other than yourself to be included, please let us know.
To learn more about Sangha, check out these resources:
Sangha Website:
SLz Staff