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Digital Skills for Students

Google Apps

Using Google Calendar from Google Classroom:
How to submit (and resubmit) an assignment to Google Classroom:
How to upload photos to Google Classroom assignment:
Use To Do List in Google Classroom:
Use Google Keep with Calendar to make "to do" lists and more:
Searching for and Organizing files in Google Drive:
Sharing rights to edit, view, comment in Google Docs:


Upload Picture for your Zoom profile:
How to move items to see screen and chat at same time.  How to raise hand and use reactions too.
How to Pin a Video in Zoom (to keep an eye on the teacher speaking):
How to find your class Zoom and Google Classroom link in Aeries Student Portal:
Aeries student portal

Chromebook Tips

Split Screen on a Chrome Book:
In and out of Full Screen on a Chromebook:
Shortcuts for copy, paste, and select all: