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Alameda County Public Library (ACPL)ACPL

Sign up for a free ACPL ecard online to gain access to a large collection of eBooks, Audio eBooks, and other online resources.

San Leandro Public Library 


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Universal Library
Universal School Library and Open Library are a part of Internet Archive. Create a free login to borrow eBooks for free!
Open Library
Always free, and books in many different languages:
JRLibrary Guild
  1. Click the school-level book stream of your choice from above: Elementary, Middle School, High School.
  2. Ignore the Personal Account Sign-In box at the top of the page—just scroll down to the books and get started. You can even click the “X” in the top right corner of the sign-in box so that it goes away.
  3. Simply click on a book to go to its page, then click the “Read” or “Play” button to begin reading/listening. Audiobooks are designated with a headphone icon on the lower right corner of the book cover; ebooks are designated with a tablet icon on the lower right corner.
  4. If an audiobook fails to play, check your browser. Audiobooks will not play in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.
JLG is free through the end of summer 2020
Mackin Via
Over 1,500 titles available until September 30, 2020.
Type in our school name
     Username: slzgrizzlies
     Password: read2020
Open and start reading; no need to check it out.
Destiny DiscoverLogin Information (access this information using your district Google Account)
ebook centralSearch for books by keyword or advanced search.  Thousands of books available, and in multiple languages.
and click on this icon:
Project Guttenberg
Project Gutenberg is always free!



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Digital Book io

ESL Bits

Thought Audio