Computer Media Specialist

San Lorenzo High School houses three computer labs, a library study center computer center, and multiple shared Chromebook carts for classrooms.  This is in addition to nearly forty teachers who have completed Project Lean In Technology professional development, making their classrooms home to technology-integrated curriculum and instruction.  
The SLz Technology Services and Support department is led by Angie Villegas, who oversees computer needs as far as access, set up, repair, and distribution.
Student Password Information

Please know that I can only reset the Google passwords and not  Aeries or student passwords for desktops in the library and computer labs here at San Lorenzo High School.


How do I have my student google account password reset?


Contact one of your teachers, counselors, or any admin staff member that your password needs to be reset.  They will then email me confirming your student ID number and any other important information so that I can reset your google password.



How do I  reset my Aeries password?

To reset an Aeries password click on the link, “Forgot Password.” Then you will receive an email from Aeries in your school Gmail account with a code to reset your Aeries password. Click on the code inside the email and click on the"click here" link inside the email. If you go outside of the email it will not work. Important students must stay in this email to reset password correctly.


What if I forgot my password for desktops or computer labs at San Lorenzo High School?

All San Lorenzo staff members have access to that information created by our IT department in a shared drive.  Please ask your teacher or a staff member to look it up for you. 

If you are working from your home laptop or desktop and need to access some of the google apps that are usually on your student chrome book such as brain pop, newslea, and others follow the steps below.

Student Login to GAFE

On laptops and other devices with Internet access: Launch Internet browser and go to
Chromebook users: Login in with username and password.

Username: student ID (example

First time Password:  password (you'll be prompted to create your own password-min 8 characters, one capital and one lowercase letter, one number, and one symbol)


Using any Internet browser, students can go to, sign in to their GAFE account and access the Google Drive from the Google Apps Icon (black and white "waffle") with any device.



The Google Chrome browser or Chromebook device users have access to more online educational apps curated and approved by teachers in our District, like Typing Club, Khan Academy, GeoGebra, WeVideo, and Pixlr.

Laptop or desktop users launching the Chrome browser:

Open a new tab /window.

Locate the colorful "waffle" in the upper left-hand corner.

Sign in with GAFE account: student ID

To get all the recommended apps for your group, click on the "Yes, Link Data" button and watch the apps load!


Chromebook Users:

Sign in using GAFE account:  student ID
Select the magnifying class on the lower left corner
The Chrome Apps launcher will populate with grade level apps.
San Lorenzo Wifi hotspots
San Lorenzo Wifi Hotspots
If you need to contact me please email me via
Need Wifi?  Look at the bottom of the page from this link.
Google Classroom Parents' Guides
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