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Ms. Cristofani's Teacher Page

Welcome to my page!  I am Ms. Cristofani.  I have been teaching at San Lorenzo High School for over twenty years and am a very proud member of the Math Department.
This year I am teaching Math 2.  I love teaching this courses because it has some of my favorite math topics.  I really, really, really love working with quadratics, and we get to do that in Math 2!  I also love to work with systems of equations and we have the opportunity to become more comfortable with them in our practice.  But there is much more that just quadratics and systems.  We also get to explore more geometry and will focus on justification.  I think the best part about our math classes is the focus on thinking about math together.  There is so much power in doing math with others!!  
Class Schedule:
Period 1:  Math 2
Period 2:  Math 2
Period 3:  Prep
Period 4:  Math 2
Period 5:  Math 2
Period 6:  Math 2
Contact Information
(510) 317-3030