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Welcome to my Homepage students and parents!

My name is Lance McVay and I have been tea
ching video productions as a visual and performing art and career technical education (CTE) course at San Lorenzo High since 1995. Here is a bit about what we do in our program, "Bay Area Digital Arts" (B.A.D.A):
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I graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts in 1989 and hold a Bachelor's of Arts in Motion Picture Production. I received my teaching credential and masters degree in education from San Francisco State University. 

I worked in the film industry as a grip, assistant camera operator, production assistant and assistant director before being invited into the world of teaching. I was hired at San Lorenzo High School to turn their old auto shop classroom space into a video studio and to start a new video program on campus. 25 years later we now have a state-of-the-art digital arts facility that is unique in education for teaching media to high school students. It's truly a gift to our community paid for with a bond measure and state grant. We are supported by Eden Area ROP and are a sponsored Prop 98 California Partnership Academy. 

Our Bay Area Digital Arts Program (use link below) uses media as a tool to engage students in school, teach problem solving, time management and budgeting. It frequently becomes a highlight in a student's' day on campus. Many have remarked how the video classes "kept them going" in school. We also use the BADA program to prepare our students for careers or post secondary study in film and television. Students graduating from our four year program are well prepared to enter the media industry as a well-trained low-level employee or expand their knowledge and skill in a college degree program. They are often well ahead of their peers in degree programs in their freshmen year. 
Bay Area Digital Arts (YouTube channel) 

In BADA, we don't expect every student to be a film maker, but we prepare them for it and use media as a tool to keep engage them in school, teach life skills, and excite them about smarter consumers of art and digital media. 
Period 1: Multi Media Period 2: Multi Media
Period 3: Video Productions
Period 4: Prep
Period 5: SLC Release
Period 6: Advanced Video Productions
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Period 1: Multi Media (Spring)

Period 2: Multi Media (Spring)

Period 3: Video Productions 

Period 6: Adv Video Productions