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Ms. Krist's Teacher Page

About Me:
This is my 10th year teaching at SLz as a fully credentialed teacher. Before earning my credential, I student taught, long term subbed with an emergency credential, and substitute taught. And before THAT I was a student at SLz. So I have been associated with this school in some way or another since 1997. 
I have a BA in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from the University of Southern California and I have my MA in Education from UC Berkeley.
When I am not teaching, I enjoy reading, exercising, playing video games, baking, writing, and spending time with my partner, Jeff, and our dog Roxy or my nieces and nephew (Alexis: 17, Joshua: 11, and Aisley: 10). 
Along with teaching English 9 & 10 I am also one of the advisors for Link Crew a program on campus geared toward helping freshmen adjust to high school.
I, like many other people, struggled last year with Distance Learning, and while I am very nervous about going back in person, I am also very excited. I know it's going to be very different being back, but hope to help all of my students transition successfully.