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About Me
Hello! Thank you for visiting my webpage.  I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from UC San Diego in 1999 and received my credential from Mills College in Oakland in 2002. I am a Bay Area native who has been teaching since 2002 in the San Lorenzo School District, and specifically at San Lorenzo High School since 2003. I have taught English at all of the grade levels, and in the past few years I have begun teaching English Language Learners as well. I love this school because of all of the amazing students and teachers who make it so great.
Courses Taught
AP English Language and Composition (for 11th graders)
This  course cultivates the reading and writing skills that students need for college success and for intellectually responsible civic engagement. The course guides students in becoming curious, critical, and responsive readers of diverse texts and becoming flexible, reflective writers of texts addressed to diverse audiences for diverse purposes. The reading and writing students do in the course should deepen and expand their understanding of how written language functions rhetorically: to communicate writers’ intentions and elicit readers’ responses in particular situations. (
ELD 2 (all grade levels)
This is English Language Development Level 2 (ELD 2).  ELD is also called ESL (English as a Second Language).  The objective (goal) of ELD 2 is to prepare students for Sheltered English and History by improving their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.
ERWC (English 12)

The goal of the Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC) is to prepare college-bound seniors for the literacy demands of higher education - helping students read, comprehend, and respond to nonfiction and literary texts.  Students develop advanced proficiency in expository, analytical, and argumentative reading and writing.


ERWC Period 4 Link to Google Classroom

ERWC Period 5 Link to Google Classroom