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Information Databases

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Encyclopedia Britannica

Britannica School Edition
Britannica School Edition
Video: How to use EB Schools

Gale Databases

Click on this link to go to all three of the Gale Databases.
Topic Finder is great tool to from Gale to help focus a research question, to connect to articles, and to help gather keywords.  It links back to articles in Gale Database.
Extensive reliable, informational texts, geared toward the high school student.
Video how to use.
  Extensive reliable, informational texts, geared toward the middle school reader.
   Access our Gale Reference eBooks.

ProQuest Databases

 Suite of databases from ProQuest.  Use these curated resources to find reliable information on all topics. Kindly funded by the California State Library.
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Includes "databases in science, technology, education, social sciences, humanities, and news"
  •  Country and state reports
  • Geography and Culture
  • Includes"audio, video, images, maps, and infographics"
  •  Pros and cons of current issues
  • Articles that tell all sides of the issue
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Visual searching
  • Wide range of reading levels
  • "1,700 full-text magazines, newspapers, books, and transcript titles ...
  • Over 7 million maps, pictures, web links, and audio/video files."
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Need help conducting research?  use this tool!  Create your own account.
Assists you with finding, using, and evaluating information.
Check out the LibGuide for more information and support with ProQuest Databases.