Streaming Educational Videos

Learn 360

What it is?

  • District subscription to database of quality, streaming, educational videos.

How to Access:

    • Open a Chrome Browser Chrome
    • Open up a new tab.SLZUSD Folder
    • Login to your Chrome Browser.
    • Open the SLZUSD Folder in the bookmarks bar.
    • Click on Learn 360
    • Login using your district Google account.
How to Use:
Brain Pop
BrainPOP has a wealth of animated, short videos about a range of different content areas that are great for introducing concepts and vocabulary, or providing background information.  It also includes games, quizzes, video creation, concept mapping, and more.
Students - To access BrainPOP:
  • Open a Chrome Browser Chrome
  • Login to your district Google account.
  • Click on Apps in the upper left hand corner.
  • Select BrainPOP app. select app
  • Click “allow” to connect to your Google account
* If you already have been into Brainpop with a class, you can access all of the videos
* If you have NOT already been to Brainpop, email Ms. Marks at to get a class code to join so you can login and see ALL BrainPOP videos and materials.
Ted Ed
Khan Academy
PBS Learning
Facing History and Ourselves
Project Explorer