Physical Education

Physical Education is a vital component to the health and well-being of all children. Per California State regulations, all
Freshmen and Sophomores are required to complete 2 years (20 credits) of Physical Education to graduate from high
school. Students are expected to wear proper gym attire to fully participate in and engage in PE class. All attire as well as
locks for PE locker rooms can be purchased at the Student Body Office (SBO). Locks are HIGHLY advised to prevent items
from being lost or stolen. Please note, the school is not responsible for any items left unattended and unlocked. For more
questions, please consult the student’s PE teacher.
Physical Education Year, 10 Credits
Grade 9-12
Students will participate in a core program concentrating
on fundamental skills, team sports, and physical
conditioning. Students will participate in a variety of
sport activities during the week and one day will be
devoted strictly to physical fitness. All students must
complete and pass a minimum of 6 fitness days to have a
chance to pass the class per quarter, but it does not
ensure the student of passing. One goal of the physical
education department is that our students achieve and
maintain a healthy level of fitness in the three broad
components of fitness: aerobic capacity, body
composition, and muscular strength. Our second goal is
for students to participate in a variety of physical
activities that promote lifelong fitness. While
participating in these activities, our students will be able
to demonstrate good sportsmanship, apply safe
practices, follow procedures, and rules. A school physical
education uniform and lock are required (cost is $25.00)
as well as athletic shoes. Prerequisite: None.
Alternative to PE Year, 5-10 Credits
Grade 10-12
Alternative to PE is designed as a way for exceptional
athletes to fulfill their Physical Education requirement
outside of the school day. Students applying for
Alternative to PE must meet the prerequisites below to
be eligible:
• Successful completion of PE 9
• Passed 5 out of 6 subtests on the 9th grade state
Physical Fitness Test
• Play two seasons of a school-sponsored sport
o Each sport waives 5 credits of PE or can be
used to recuperate elective credits needed
to graduate
• Complete the Alternative to PE application
This alternative to PE is not intended to shorten the
school day or number of classes that a student is
required to take, but rather, open up the student’s
schedule for an elective or recover credit. Students who
withdraw from Alternative to PE during the school year
will be placed in PE the following year, if needed for
graduation. Scores for State Physical Fitness test will not
be made available until the end of the student’s
sophomore year. If the student did not pass 5/6 tests,
they will be required to take PE their junior year.