Technology Support & Online Learning Resources

Technology Support
It is important to us that your child is able to continue learning and staying engaged in meaningful learning activities.  We are here to support your child as much as possible.  If your child does not have access to a computer, please let us know by filling out this form.
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Please email: [email protected]  or Call (510) 317-4754
Technology Needs Surveys:
If you are in need of WiFi, you may check out free resources, such as the Comcast Essentials program.
Online Learning Resources
During this time, many institutions are offering free online learning.  Here are just several of the resources available to your child.  You can also check out our SLz Library page, which includes a variety of resources, as well as online audio books. The SLz Library page also has resources for each subject area. 
Khan Academy has a variety of topics, including activities to build a growth mindset.
Duolingo is good practice for learning another language. 
All students have access to Newsela using their Google login information. 
Shmoop has various test prep activities.
CommonLit has literature analysis and reading for all levels. Students can use their Google login info. Click on the logos below to visit the various websites. 
Khan AcademyDuolingonewselashmoopCommon lit
Chromebook Support