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Clubs @ SLz

Interested in JOINING a club at SLz?!?  Check out the clubs below and speak with the club advisor!.  Interested in STARTING a club? Speak to Ms. Nation in E-7 to get more information.
Freshman Class Committee
Mr. Purro & Ms. O’Brien
Sophomore Class Committee
Ms. Manalo & Ms. Erin Smith
Junior Class Committee
Ms. Cebrian-Paskell & Ms. Nikkel
Senior Class Committee
Ms. Cristofani, Mr. Jackson, Ms. Corrales
Sheriff Explorers
Deputy Silva
Ms. Shimada
FEM Club
Ms. Steers
Anime Club
Ms. Johnston-Carter
Key Club
Mr. Giang
Dance Club
Ms. Yu
Game Club
Mr. Yee
Ms. Steers
La Raza
Ms. Solis
K PoP Club
Ms. Barajas
TV & Film Club
Mr. Gosset & Mr. McVay
Ms. Ahrens
Black Student Union
Ms. Judy Smith, Rhonda Long & Lori Parris
Mr. Holcomb & Ms. Cebrian-Paskell
Poly Club
Ms. Bellamy
Christian Club
Ms. Solis
Interact Club
Mr. Ahmad Adlparvar (AmeriCorps Volunteer)
Ms. Nikkel & Mr. Carter