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About Me

I currently work for Eden Area ROP as a Criminal Justice Instructor at San Lorenzo High School.  I have worked as an ACSO Sheriff's Technician, ACSO Sheriff Deputy, a Hayward Police Officer, and as a Hayward Police Detective for approximately 15 years.  I grew up living in the area and consider the Bay Area as my home.  Both of the classes are college classes that are articulated through Chabot College which provides each student with college credit once they pass my class.  
I provide hands on training in forensics, crime scenes, rights of citizens, use of force by police, rights of law enforcement, and encourage each student to better in and outside of my classroom.  
My Schedule:
Period 1- Criminal Justice I
Period 2- Criminal Justice II
Period 3- Criminal Justice I
Period 4- Criminal Justice I
Period 5- Criminal Justice I
Period 6- Prep