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Ms. Shimada's Teacher Page

About Me
I grew up in the Bay Area, but was born in Japan, and came here as a baby.  My parents are both from immigrant families, from Japan and Germany.  I have lived in the East Bay for my whole life, aside from going away to college and living in Japan for a couple of years in my late twenties to teach English. 

I graduated from CSU Chico with Bachelor of Arts degrees in both English and German.   I went on to earn my teaching credential at CSU East Bay.   I earned my Master of Arts degree from St. Mary's College in Teaching Leadership. 
When I am not teaching, I am baking and cooking, hiking all over the place, and spending time with my husband and two sons.  I've traveled to twelve different countries and I've been to over half of the states in America.  I love state and national parks and I love living in the Bay Area.
I've been teaching at San Lorenzo High School since 1997, with a brief time off to teach English in Japan.  I enjoy teaching the students here and I am committed to the school.  

Courses I Teach



Newcomer English language development course focusing on listening, speaking, reading, and writing


ELD Content

Newcomer English language development designated ELD social studies course focusing on listening, speaking, reading, writing, and vocabulary development for content area mastery


English 11

American literature, expository texts, poems, speeches, and media analysis focused on Common Core State Standards with attention to reading, writing, analysis, collaboration, creative expression, and communication skills

See the course syllabus on the attached PDF below.